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Private Tasting

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Cacao bean flavors vary distinctly depending on cocoa variety, terroir, production methods, and growing conditions. Comparison tasting is the best way to learn a particular chocolate’s flavor traits and develop your sensitivity to quality and subtle variations in character.

What makes one chocolate bar better then an other?
What is the difference between a good old Hershey’s and a fin artisanal bean to bar chocolate?
In our private tasting you will understand the variables in tastes and aromas high quality chocolate has to offer.

Maya can arrange custom tastings for you and your friends at her shop & Chocolate Lounge or at private gathering in your home. Her tastings feature single origins chocolate bars from around the world, combined with some of her own luscious creations. Tastings are fun, delicious, and a lovely way to expand your appreciation for the subtle variations in the flavors of pure chocolate.

Learn more about the mysterious and complex life of chocolate—from pod to bean to exquisite truffle. At your request, an evening’s entertainment can include Maya’s cacao plantation slide show and a sample taste of cacao beans or cocoa liquor. Farm worker conditions and fair treatment play an important part in the purchase of all of Maya’s chocolate. Maya will talk about how the cacao beans are grown, processed, and share her experiences visiting plantations around the world.

Walk-In Tasting

Sit down in our beautiful lounge, relax, enjoy, and savor this tasting any time you desire.

Video: The Making of Chocolate – for Neophytes