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I have been transported into Peru just by tasting the Fortunato No 4, I can not think of anything else for the past 3 days, I am obsess with this chocolate. I made a simple ganache with this gem it does not need anything added, actually it is almost a breach to mess around with this beautiful chocolate. My absolute favorite is the paper thin bar we are eating right now at Chocolate Maya. I will quote one of our favorite customer. ” I think it is fantastic.Its addicive enough that my room mate and I have already eaten 2 of the bars. It leaves such a wonderful aftertaste in your mouth, and the way that it tastes different on different parts of the palette really makes each bite enjoyable. I just hope this chocolate hasn’t completely ruined me. I tried eating a bit of the XXXXX bar (very famous and delicious bar) and found that it just doesn’t stack up. It’s not as smooth, it doesn’t contain the depth of flavor, and the after taste is, in comparison bad”.
I can not say more, it is so true!